Spice Up Those Low Carb Main Dish Recipes

Are You Ready To Spice Up Your Low Carb Meals?

Fellow foodies and new cooks, your low carb recipes are about to go from bland to grand with just couple of simple adjustments with spices and herbs. Those finicky eaters in your life will never know the difference.

We will explore the various cuisines from around the world and make those traditional high carb recipes into low carb tasty meals in one hour or less.

The first stop, is Italy.

Impossible! Low Carb Italian Food?

You might be thinking there is no such thing as a low carb Italian meal. I understand your trepidation. We all know how Italian dishes contain a lot of carbs: breads, sauces, and pastas.  And that’s just for starters! Then there are the appetizers, main meals, and the deserts.

But don’t despair there are ways around the carbs and we can also make low carb Italian deserts as well. Stick with me I will give you recipes that will tantalize the taste buds, and satisfy all your cravings.

First we’ll start with an all-time favorite.


Ah !! Yes Pizzahh!

What? A Low Carb Pizza Recipe? No Way!

Yes, you read correctly, an easy-to-follow Low Carb Pizza recipe.

You see, the crust is the culprit when it comes to a high carbohydrate content in pizzas. Luckily, there are many great low carb crust recipes out there that drastically lower the carb content without sacrificing the flavor.

All you have to do is make some adjustments with mozzarella cheese and the meats. Just check the nutrition lable on the back. When it comes to the sauce, just make sure that the there is no sugar added.

But this is a Low Carb Recipe Website Right?….

and I got you covered, I have included a tasty low carb pizza sauce recipe, that rivals any store brought recipe or one that a pizzeria would serve.

You might have to experiment with different low carb crust recipes to suit individual tastes but I’ve found the flax seed recipe comes close to the real deal. There are other recipes that contain more eggs or cream cheese. The flavors and tastes vary depending on the type cream cheese and eggs that you use. As with anything culinary you must taste, taste and taste.

Some people say that these pizzas are good the next day which is always a good indicator for a tasty pizza recipe.

Pizza crust made from scratch can take a little practice. So be patient and be willing to experiment a little. I’ve experimented with other recipes and found the flax seed was the easiest, consistent, and tastiest to make. I have included other recipes as well so you leave your comments below and you tell me what you think.

Don’t Feel Like Making Your Own Pizza Crust Or Sauce? I Don’t Blame You.

You are on a “time budget”, and you just don’t feel like making the effort. Home ovens and local climates vary in temperature and humidity, and sometimes it can be hard to reproduce the results that you see on this website or in other cookbooks.

So for those of you that are on a strict time budget and don’t like tinkering around with Pizza crust recipes that may or may not please your taste, you can use frozen pizza crusts such as the cauliflower base crust.