Spaghetti Squash

Quench Pasta Craving with this Healthy Low Carb Alternative


Baked Spaghetti Squash demonstrating its stringy consistency
Spaghetti Squash

When the pasta craving hits spaghetti squash is the ultimate alternative to pasta!  You can use Spaghetti squash to replace any spaghetti pasta recipe.  The stringy consistency and the pasta-like taste gives this gourd its name.

There are many delicious, simple things that you can do with Spaghetti squash and I’ll name a few here

  • Spaghetti (obviously)
  • Garlic Shrimp with olive oil, butter, and parmesan
  • Alfredo sauce with Spaghetti Sauce
  • Stuffed spaghetti squash.



There are many ways to prepare and they all work well. I highly recommend cutting up the squash in sections to speed the baking/microwaving process.

A single spaghetti squash gourd cut in half takes about 15 minutes to microwave or about 45 minutes to bake. Cut it up like the picture on the left then bake for about 20 minutes or microwave for 10 minutes

After baking, you can add your favorite low carb spaghetti, marinara, or white sauces. Here is a recipe for my tomato sauce.

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