Oh No! Not Another Low Carb Diet Website!

“I love my Sweet indulgences and my various comfort foods. Don’t tell me that I can’t eat them. I rather die than eat a flavorless low carb meal. Please, I don’t need to hear from some self-proclaimed dieting guru that I am going to die if I don’t change my eating habits now!”

I understand… I really do… but hear me out before you click away. Low carb recipes do not mean Low taste. We will take carb loaded recipes and make them into tasty low carb healthy meals without giving up the flavor. I promise your taste buds will never know the difference.

What?  Don’t You believe me?

It’s true just browse this website for low carb recipe ideas.

These meals can be prepared with basic ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store or online if you prefer. So you see following a low carb diet is easier and tastier than you think.

Still with me?   Good. There is a lot of information on the web regarding low carb diet plans.  And sometimes it can get confusing and overwhelming on what is the best diet to follow and what kind of foods are ok to eat.

Soo….the big question is “Which Low Carb diet plan is the best?”

Well,  it really depends on your dieting goals.

There are lots of reasons for following a low carb diet plan. Perhaps your doctor or nutritionist recommended one. Or maybe you are trying to lower cholesterol, lose weight, or prepare recipes for diabetics. Or you are just sick and tired of feeling bloated whenever you indulge in a high carb meal. Or you heard that going on Low Carb Diet and High protein diet is the best way for you to maintain overall health.

Whatever your reasons are, you will find a variety of low carb recipes that can meet your individual needs and tastes.

Delicious Low Carb Pizza

Did you know that traditional high carb recipes can be made low in carbs just by removing one ingredient without sacrificing flavor?

This website will show you how to do it. For example, Would you like to make a low carb pizza that rivals any pizzeria? I’ll show you how and you won’t taste the difference.

I’ll Let You in on little Secret:

The Big REASON why we don’t stick to our Low Carb Diets or any diet…is because they are boring and the cravings for sugary treats are high.

We pursue things based on passion. I mean think about why are we drawn to the things that are bad for us?

Those food vendors know how to tap into our deepest desires that we love, love, love to indulge in. We don’t eat food for its nutritional value. We eat food because it tastes good.  It is all about flavor.

Be honest, if the food did not taste good unless you were starving would you eat it for its nutritional value?

C’mon,  be honest.

I know some of you are serious dieters and want to lose weight and gain muscle mass but even you die-hard dieters indulge every now again.

We Are A Nation of Carbs

Go down any typical grocery store aisle and what do you see? Snacks, chips, dips, cookies, cakes, sodas, high energy drinks, breakfast bars you name it carbs are a mainstay in a lot of cultures. No wonder we are addicted to them. It’s hard to stay away from when they are virtually calling out your name and beckoning you to eat them.

Even if, you want to follow a pure low carb diet will be very difficult. I don’t care how strong your willpower is. The best you can do is manage your carb intake.

So if you are a “purist” and want to follow some strict ungodly diet regimen where you count every calorie then there are some strict diet plans on the internet. But I warn you they are hard and not very beginner-friendly. But they can be followed and some of them offer good results to the ones that are persistent and more disciplined than the rest of us.  I can recommend some good books if you are interested in following keto diets.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Delectable Indulgences

Fast food restaurants and junk food vendors know how to tantalize the taste buds and entice people to eat their delicious fares such as honey-glazed doughnuts, deep-dish pizza, and caramel infused brownies. Is your mouth watering? I know mine is. Did you know that these items can be made low carb as well? Pretty cool..huh? We will show you how. Try this low Carb brownie recipe if you don’t believe me.  Peanut Butter Brownie

Foods Low in Carbs and Why You Should Love Them.

Eating Them Could Save Your Life. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, onions are examples of food low in carbs. But, don’t worry we will show how to prepare these items with great flavors and spices.

Ok Now for The Boring Stuff: The benefits of following a Low Carb Diet

    1. High carb diets are associated with Type II diabetes and neuropathy
    2. Energy levels will soar
    3. Low carb diets Prevent arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.
    4. Low carb diets, provides for an effective weight loss strategy
    5. A high protein and low carb diet will keep you satisfied longer and prevent the “sugar rush” and the emotional crash that usually follows after ingesting high carbs.
    6. Low Carb diets will not leave you with that overstuffed feeling and reaching for the antacid tablets later on.

We Will Always Be Here For You!

If you stray away from a low carb diet and return to your dark master, chocolate or carb-loaded “eats and treats”, don’t worry this website will be here when you want to come back to the light side. I hope to establish an online community where people can feel free to share recipes or favorite kitchen gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier. Go ahead and contact me I love to hear about your favorite:

  • Recipes
  • Dieting tips
  • Kitchen gadgets

Thank you for reading. Let’s get cooking! I promise this will be fun.