Keto Supplements and Weight Loss

Do Keto Supplements aid in weight loss?


 Wouldn’t it be great if we could take some super pill and have all our weight and fitness problems solved

What if I told you there was such a pill or supplement that could make you smarter, stronger, sexier and healthier in one day? Would you believe me?

Of course not.

plastic figure of a superman doll
Keto supplements did not make me into Superman

But that’s what keto supplement companies would have you believe. They are appealing to your hopes and dreams of becoming a new and improved person just by taking a simple supplement.


Let’s be upfront and honest about HEALTH

We ALL want to be strong, look good and never be overweight again.

But unfortunately, when it comes to dieting and fitness there are not any short cuts. Supplements and vitamins SUPPLEMENT a healthy lifestyle not replace an unhealthy lifestyle.


The Naked Truth about Keto supplements


Since doing keto I’ve lost a ton of weight. Hooray!

No, you are not going to lose that much weight. In fact, keto supplements may hinder weight loss because of all the extra calories to make them taste better.

Studies have shown that keto diets are effective for weight loss in obese patients.   And they increase athletic performance for long endurance sports. But supplements will not take make up for eating bad foods or leading a sedentary lifestyle.


Keto supplements taste like crap

When the body is given a keto diet, it has to learn to use ketone bodies as a fuel source instead of glucose.  In some cases, this may cause a SHOCK to the system and give people flu-like symptoms also known as the “keto flu”.

Your body is going through glucose withdrawal symptoms while making the metabolic shift to ketone bodies as the new fuel source.

The “keto flu” doesn’t last long but it can discourage people from sticking to the diet.

Symptoms include nausea, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.


Keto supplements contain electrolytes that should stave off the flu-like symptoms which makes adjusting to the keto diet a little easier. But I’ll say it again, the supplements are not a replacement meal for eating something bad. There are no “Cheat Meals” on the keto.

But if you do get the “keto flu” go back to eating clean carbs and gradually decrease your carb intake until your body adjusts.

Be patient with yourself keto diets are challenging

Plan on at least a year to develop a keto lifestyle. Some experts claim that ketosis can take anywhere from one week to one month, but every metabolism is different, and results may vary.

If flu-like symptoms persist then go back to your old diet and seek out a Registered Dietitian or a certified keto-coach. These people will make the appropriate changes to your diet and help you develop a keto lifestyle.

The keto diet is challenging at first but with a little persistence, you can get into ketosis and enjoy the benefits of a keto lifestyle.

I will review a list of keto supplements that can help with the keto diet and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

FAQ About Keto Supplements

Can they aid in memory function?

Yes, studies have shown that keto supplements and pills can improve mental cognition.

Can they help in weight loss?

Maybe. The long-term effects are unknown.

Supplements contain a lot of extra calories in them to make them taste better.

Studies have indicated that supplements can help you get into ketosis faster, but you have to be following the keto diet.

Lots of companies claim that keto supplements can reduce weight and get you into ketosis even if you are not on a ketone diet.

Why Do You Stop Buring Fat with Keto Supplements?

When the body is in ketosis, the liver changes fatty acids into ketone bodies by burning fat. But when exogenous ketones are introduced in the blood the liver shuts down and stops burning the excess fats.


I’m taking a break there seems to be a lot of ketone bodies the blood

There is no need for the liver to make any more ketone bodies. Therefore, the excess fat in the body is no longer being burned to make ketone bodies.

On the plus side, when it comes to weight loss Keto supplements can suppress the hunger hormones Ghrelin.

There is no pill or supplement in the World that will help you lose weight, feel better, make you stronger without leading a healthy lifestyle.

Sorry folks,  there are no shortcuts to good health

  • You will not become a long endurance athlete if you’ve never worked out before.
  • You will not become Einstein if you only have average intelligence.
  • You will not gain the mental cognition of a research scientist if you’ve never studied science.

In short, supplements are not going to dramatically change your life.

I know you want to lose weight and get more fit and those goals can be achieved by following a sensible diet and exercise program.

The Weight loss results from keto salts and esters may vary

You look like you’ve been following the keto diet. Yeah, I would like to lose more weight.

There have been dramatic stories from people who lost 200 lbs. with supplements and keto diets. Keep in mind these people are not reliable sources and results among people do vary. Everybody’s metabolism genetics and fitness levels are different.

If you are not losing as much weight as you like take into account that your “fat weight” may be replaced with “muscle weight”, especially if you’ve been exercising more. Studies have shown that people who jump on a new exercise program eat more because of the activity level. The weight gain may not be the result of eating high caloric food but the increase in lean muscle mass.


Buyer Beware!

Some supplements claim that you can have a high carb meal and take the supplement and you will lose weight.

There are a lot of Ketone Supplements on the market that claims you do not have to follow a low carb diet to get into ketosis. But they fail to tell that you have to take many doses throughout the day and ketosis may not last too long.

(According to some experts on the ketogenic diet, nutritional ketosis is defined as blood ketones ranging from 0.5–3.0 mmol/L)

Just be aware that more studies need to be done to determine the long term effects of ketone supplements on weight loss.

At 3 or 4 dollars a serving these supplements could put a huge dent in your bank account.

Better think again before purchasing these “wonder products” and do your research. But if you want to try them out I can recommend some good ones that won’t put you too far on your budget.

Some of the more reputable companies will offer package deals on their supplements and I can recommend some to you.

The Benefits of Keto Diets

Keto diets lower blood glucose levels in type 2 DM, improve cognitive function and in some cases also aid Alzheimer’s

The Skinny: Weight loss can be achieved by following a sensible diet, exercising and getting enough sleep. Supplements can help in some cases but even these products will say “Results may vary” Use your own discretion when it comes to supplements and pills. Remember there is no magic pill that will transform your life. As long as you pursue a healthy lifestyle, good health, and longevity are sure to follow.

Here’s to good living.


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