I’m Going on Vacation

I’m Going On Vacation What can I eat?


Congratulations, you are going on vacation! Whoo-hoo!

You have a great trip planned for your loving family. You’ve been looking forward to it all year long. Your charming spouse can’t wait to spend quality time with you. Bags are packed. You’ve got some great activities planned but you forgot one thing. How are going to keep up your keto/low carb diet while vacationing?   Luckily for you, there are some low carb food options to try while on vacation. The internet is a wonderful thing and as long as you have access to it you can search for restaurants and stores that serve low carb meals and snacks.

If you are on the road, you can pack a few low carb items with you.

I’ve got my keto Snacks!!!!
  But, if you are traveling to remote places, you can still pack the above items. Most international restaurants will accommodate people with specific dietary restrictions. However, I recommend keeping a few snacks and mini-meals with you. I know it’s hard but with a little self-control, you can still maintain a low carb diet. I have found while traveling throughout the world, restaurants, bars, and hotels will help you with low carb options. When I was in Italy,  I just asked the waiter about making some of the meals without the high carb ingredients. The waiter brought the chef to my table and together we came up with a pretty good meal without the carbs. Later, I found out that this same restaurant serves low carb options for all their meals.   Here are some more Low Carb snacks and supplements.
Great to eat alone with your favorite taco or fajita filling
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