I Hate To Cook!! Please Help!

Don’t Like to Cook? Don’t Worry There is a Solution!!

The fast-food joints are calling out your name and the drive-through at McDonald’s’ is on the way home. Those honey glazed doughnuts from that shop look pretty good right now.

When you get home, the real job is just beginning. There are piles of dirty clothes all over the floor, the sink is backed up, the dog has to be taken to the groomer and the kids are running around and wondering what is for dinner.

You have to act fast or there goes your healthy low carb diet plan.

You promised yourself that this was the year that you going to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The last thing that you want to do is prepare a meal that may not be healthy or tasty.

Then life happened

The kids got sick, your boss threw more work at you, and you had to deal with an exploding hot water tank. But in spite of all that you either have to cook something for your family or go out to a crowded restaurant.

What to do?

 I have some alternative solutions that are not too costly and will take away the stress of preparing a low carb nutritious meal.

Cooking and baking is time-consuming and hard back-breaking work. Chopping, mixing, and cleaning do not sound like fun, stress-free activities to do. Some recipes require too much prep and too many ingredients and furthermore, maybe your family will not like it.

The last thing you need to hear from your kids is” “I don’t like any of this food” UGGG!!


Your meal is prepared

You just want a good low carb meal to magically appear.

I hear ya.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could prepare a healthy meal that everybody would love?

Don’t Despair: There are Ways to Prepare Healthy Meals

Luckily, there are many options for people who can’t find the time to cook or just don’t want to. There are lots websites to check out so, be sure to do some comparative shopping before committing to a company. Personal chefs are very popular and affordable.

Low Carb Meals Delivered to Your Home

Food delivery options are nice if you don’t want to meal plan or shop for “hard to find” ingredients.

Many Food delivery companies have plenty of meal plans to offer and some of them will accommodate low carb diets. These meals come with all the ingredients and spices. No shopping required. But you have to be willing to cook and prepare the meals. So there is some cooking involved.

I can recommend some at home food delivery services and the meal plans that they offer. You can purchase a monthly or daily meal plan and they have lots of recipes to choose from.

Should I Hire A Personal Chef?

If you really don’t want to cook or bake I understand. Life has other plans for you and cooking and baking is not a priority but a chore.

Hiring a personal chef is the way to go if you do not want to cook for yourself or go out to an expensive, crowded restaurant.

Luckily, there are personal chefs available that can help prepare those nutritious meals in the privacy of your home.

Be sure to hire from a reputable site.

Check to see if the chefs are interviewed and the credentials are valid. A reputable company should be able to provide you with this information.

Beware of websites that ask you to pay up front. You should be able to consult with a chef, look at the photos of the recipes and the prices charged. There should be no obligation to pay for anything at this point.

Some chefs are professionally trained with years of experience and others are new to the culinary business. Both options are great. New chefs are budget-friendly and are usually new graduates of a culinary program.

Experienced chefs have a proven record for satisfying all customers and preparing most cuisines. Some chefs specialize in a certain cuisine so if you must have a Mediterranean meal then there are chefs that can expertly prepare them.

Chef In Training

Don’t dismiss the new chefs yet.

They have not been jaded by the culinary world and they bring a certain passion to all the meals that they prepare. And because they are new,  you can usually negotiate a good price.

The best part of using a personal chef, there is no cooking involved and the chef will tailor make all your meals. So you don’t have to worry about sticking to some predetermined meal plan. They are there to accommodate you and all your family’s meal preferences.

In some cases, you can either have the food delivered or a personal chef can come over to your home and prepare a nutritious meal.  The chef will bring all the ingredients, prepare the meals and clean up afterward.

How do you Pick A Personal Chef?

A personal chef is pretty easy to pick. Find a website like “Table at Home.com” and put in a request. Provide them with some details such as budget restrictions and ingredients. Be sure to request meals that are low in Carbohydrates.

Various chefs contact you with their proposals and photos of their meals. There is no obligation to buy anything and if you do not like any of the recipes or the chef’s proposals then you can cancel the request. No questions asked.

It’s that simple!!

Personal Chefs can prepare meals for various special occasions such as:

  • Romantic Meal for Two
  • Birthday parties
  • Big dinner parties
  • Gourmet Brunches
  • And personal chefs can give private cooking lessons.

How Much Does A Personal Chef Charge?

Depends on the meal and the size of the crowd

Typically a meal for six people can cost about $300.00 dollars

The price includes: Meal prep, service and clean-up

Usually, the price is settled at the end of the meal. Be sure to inquire about other fees that may come up during the meal preparation. For example, tax, tip and last minute ingredients that needed to be purchased.

The chef should provide an accurate estimation before the meal so that there are no surprises at the end. As always you need to shop around and try to get at least three estimates.

Personally, I would prefer to take care of all costs before the event or the meal. You want the party to go smoothly without any awkward moments when the bill is due. But sometimes people may make last minute requests and then the price has to be adjusted accordingly.

Cooking problems can be solved

So as you can see there are lots of affordable options available if you don’t like to cook.

I do encourage to look around the internet as there are hundreds of solutions and I will provide reviews of services that I have used with some success.

The food delivery option can be difficult if you have special dietary needs. For example, Blue Apron does not offer low carb meal options but you can eliminate the high carb portions if you like.

Never Feel Stuck Again For Alternative Meal Options

You can hire a personal chef that will custom make a meal for you and your family if you don’t feel like cooking

Or, if you don’t mind cooking but don’t have any ideas on what to prepare, then you can go the home delivery route.

There are home food delivery options. Ingredients for meals are delivered to your home on a monthly or weekly basis that is easily prepared.

Please leave comments or other cooking solutions we would all appreciate it!!

If you found any Home delivery options that have worked for you we would love to hear about it. Thank you in advance.

Bon Appetite!!

Thomas: The low carb food dude.