The Beginning of a Low Carb Life

My name is Tom and I love everything about food.

Struggling for an idea for dinner? Looking for a healthy alternative to fast food?

Look no further. Easy Low Carb Meals is dedicated to providing easy to prepare low carb meals for you and your family.

And you if don’t like to cook or have time to cook, I can recommend other companies that will deliver food straight to your home with little or no prep involved.

Hello and welcome to Easy Low carb meals.

The quick and reasonable way to eat healthily.

At Low Carb for Life, we are all about leading a healthy lifestyle and I believe that low carb diets are the way to go. The diet is easy to follow and does not require any strict regimented guidelines. The majority of the recipes are under 50 grams of carbs per serving and are easy to prepare.

All the recipes are derived from low carb cookbooks and some of my personal collection.

No Cooking Experience Required!!

Even if you are new to cooking or just not comfortable around the kitchen,  have no fear. The recipes are easy to prepare using basic kitchen utensils and ingredients.

The low carb recipes will include vegetarian as well as more traditional recipes such as Pork Roast, Chicken, and beef.  Cuisines from all over the world along with good old fashion American Meals will be presented.

The beginner and experienced cook should find great low carb recipes and other ways to follow a low carb diet.

I will tell you everything that you will need to prepare all the low carb recipes on this site.

Low Carb food taste like crap

Low Carb Does Not Mean Low Taste!

This website will take the “boredom” out of low carb cooking and make favorable tasty low carb meals that you will enjoy time and time again. I will continue to update the recipes as well. For starters try this tasty little appetizer Shrimp Spring Rolls.

Or if you want to indulge your sweet tooth try Peanut Butter Brownies

Feel free to browse through these pages for some great recipe ideas for small groups or yourself. There are snacks, appetizers, main dishes, and deserts. There will also be some useful kitchen gadgets or hard to find “low carb ingredients” to purchase as well.

We will cover everything from baking to cooking and picking the right kitchen utensil for the job. I have tested all the recipes on this site so I can assure you will only see recipes that are easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious.

I have included articles about Keto diets, pills and health supplements.

From my family to yours, tasty low carb treats will be your “go-to site”  when looking for an easy low carb meal to prepare.


If you have any questions or would like to share some of your low carb dishes, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to post them.  I want to make this a “low carb friendly site” where people can write and share recipe ideas with others. So don’t be shy Dig In!!

Bon Appetite!,

Thomas Blake

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