Organic Red Wines: Are They keto friendly?

When you see the word organic, What comes to mind?

Healthy Lifestyle?

Well being?

A balanced diet ?

In today s food culture you cannot find a store that doesn’t have organic something: soap, lotions, fruit, meats, clothing cleaning supplies. And of course wine.

But is organic wine any different from regular wine. I mean Does it taste different?and Is it healthier?

In this article we will focus on organic red wines, their tastes, types and all the varietals. We also will cover which ones are best to drink for the keto diet and is it worth the hefty price tag.

After reading you should be able to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

Let’s drink on!

First, what is organic?

Here’s what a basic google search finds: Produce that is certified to have grown on soil that no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. Prohibited substances include most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Basically, “organic certified” ensures that crops and produce were grown on fields that were not fertilized, fungicide insecticide etc. for over 3 years prior to planting. Organic livestock refers to animals chickens, cows, etc. that are allowed to roam the range eat organic food and breath in the fresh country air. The animals are not penned, injected or fed synthetic food to encourage growth or yields.

Here’s a list of The requirements to be USDA certified.

  • Chemical free:
  • preservative free
  • insecticide free
  • Synthetic fertilized free

Why is Organic produce, meats and wines so expensive?

The expensive PRICE tag is what most people notice.

What! $6.00 for a gallon of milk!

The old adage applies here:High demand and low supply makes the price go up.

The demand for organic food is popular amongst the dietitians, Millennial,and fitness gurus.

Here are the top five reasons why organic food is so expensive

1. The labor. Farmers have to hire skilled laborers instead of using machines or equipment to harvest the crops, round up the cattle, and gather the eggs.

2. No technology can be used in Organic farming

3. Predatory insects such as lady bugs (expensive to ship and distribute) must be used to ward off pests.

4. Organic crops must be segregated from conventional crops. The marketing and distribution chains for organic food is inefficient, therefore more expensive. Until better technology is developed we can expect to see the prices stay the same.

5. Higher standards for animal welfare. Organic farmers must let the animals roam on the open field and feed them expensive organic food.

Is Organic Food Healthier than Conventional Food?

According Pew Research Center Americans are closely divided (60/40) over the health risks from food additives and genetically modified foods. Organic foods according to the study are no healthier than their conventional counterparts.

According Statista, organic food has increased during the pandemic and is popular among the Mellinials. More and more people are concerned about eating healthier and exercising more. The Covid has given rise to foods and produce that increase immunity to infectious diseases.

Whole foods is the largest organic retailer. Global sales of organic food amounted to 120.65 billion in US dollars up from nearly 18 billion dollars in 2000.

What makes Organic wines… well… Organic?

The grapes have to be grown the same way as other organic crops. No pesticides, fungicides synthetic fertilizers, etc. For wine to be classified as organic it has have 1/3 the amount of Sulfites compared to conventional wines.

Interesting Factoid

It takes over 800 grapes to make one bottle of wine!! That’s a lot of grapes!! Now you can see why wine is so expensive.Certain varietals are hard to grow such grapes for Champagne

Let’s Talk About Keto Wines

Well to be honest there is no such thing as keto wine. Surprise!

There aren’t any keto varietal of grapes, keto wine makers, keto wineries or keto wine recipes. But there are “keto friendly” wines available.

You can check out the article here on what makes wine keto friendly.

Here’s the skinny: what makes wine “keto friendly”

These wines are considered dry no residual sugars. These drier wines are allowed to ferment longer than their sweeter counterparts which eliminates the excess sugars.


You can find inexpensive Organic Wines on the internet for about $13.00 – $19.00

Such as these varietals

  1. TerraOrganic Nero d’avola. $17.99
  2. Hooch 3 Organic Gurner Veltliner $17.99
  3. Mother’s Choice Organic Red $13.99


Are organic Red wines worth the heavy price tag?

Well that’s up to you the consumer. Everybody’s budgets, tastes, and values are different. Some people swear by organic keto wines and their health benefits. And other’s don’t see the difference. Check out some local wineries go to a couple of organic wine tastings. Let us know in the comments whether there is a significant difference between them.

To sum up:

There is no such as keto wine but there are Keto friendly wines available on the market.

Keto wines are low in carbs and are considered drier wines due to lack of residual sugars.

What makes keto wine organic is the way the grapes are grown. The same organic standards have to be followed according to the USDA guidelines.

Organic wines also contain 1/3 fewer sulfites as regular wines.

Is Organic wine worth the hefty price tag?

It’s more of a personal choice. You have to take into consideration you’re your budget and your tastes and your values to justify the purchase. Luckily there are some reasonably priced organic wines if you do your homework.

Some people can’t taste the difference between organic wines and regular therefore they don’t feel that the price is worth it. The health benefits are not really different from regular wine either.

Look out for more articles on keto friendly inexpensive wines.

As always let me know in the comments section if this article helped