Best Of Keto-Friendly Wines of 2023

“Wine Down” With A Great Low Carb Wine…But watch the amount! The calories will catch up with ya!

One drink won’t kill ya! But it sure will affect how much fat you will burn.

Here are my Best of Keto-Friendly Wines of 2023

(All nutritional information is based on one 5 fluid ounce )

Barefoot Wine:  Pinot Grigio

This wine is great to drink on a hot summer night before or during dinner.  The Lite citrus undertones with a bittersweet finish pairs well with fish, chicken, and Sushi

91 Calories   3.1g Carbs.   ABV 14.9% (Alcohol by Volume)

Menage a Trois

This wine goes down silky smooth with a heavy emphasis on the blackberry and raspberry tastes. Serve with red meat, pork or a heavy fat fish like Salmon. Yes, I know Salmon is a fish but it does pair well with this wine. Give it shot and see for yourself.

125 Calories   4g Carbs  ABV 13.1%

Apothic Red

I picked this Red because of the mysterious moody name. The wine is just as dark and mysterious as the name and bottle itself. The slight berry taste and bittersweet finish give this wine it’s great taste. Serve with any red meat or chicken if you desire.

125 Calories  4g Carbs  ABV 13 %

Barefoot Chardonnay

Some people don’t like chardonnay. I happen to like Chardonnay’s citrus tastes. This wine goes with any white meat or fish. IT’s great to drink alone on a hot summer night or with a full dinner.

125 Calories  4 g Carbs  ABV 13%

Cupcake Vineyard Wine

White Chardonnay Monterey County

I was expecting the wine to be on the sweet side. But don’t let the name cupcake fool you. It’s a great chardonnay that doesn’t have that bittersweet taste of orange and grapefruit peals like other Chardonnay’s have.

125 calories  4g of Carbs  13% ABV

There you have it, folks.

The skinny on keto-friendly wine consumption. The high alcohol content is consistent with these dry wines. If you remember from a previous article the higher the alcohol content the more time the liver spends time metabolizing the alcohol and less time burning the fat.