Why We Are Addicted to CARBS!

Blame human evolution, natural selection, or brain chemistry . They are the real culprits for our dislike of anything “healthy” Our desire for sweets and treats began when we started to walk upright.

There is nothing exciting or flavorful about eating low carb foods like beef, pork, eggs, fish, and poultry. They are pretty bland and boring to eat. The desire for “sweet things” was a defense mechanism to protect us from eating harmful things that would KILL us.  We evolved into sweet-seeking, beings and our population grew. Early humans developed an agraian lifestyle and led sedentary lives. Oh sure farm work is hard. Early humans still had to wake up at the crack of dawn to feed the chickens and milk the cows. But those activities were nothing like taking down a Mastadon or spearing an antelop on the run. We did not need to hunt down our food anymore nor did we have to worry about being hunted down by wild animals. We just grew our food and ate it. Simple. When television came along  humans refused to go outside their homes or even talk to each other. That’s how chips, dips and alcohol got popular.

So quit blaming yourself and realize there are over 100,000 years of evolution to contend with and there is no way that you going to eliminate all cravings but maybe, just maybe, we might be able to curtail them.

Tasty Low Carbmeal Website To the Rescue!

Here at tastylowcarbmeal we will provide good, satisfying, healthy alternatives to the traditional high carb meals. We will also explore the many ways in which to change some destructive eating habits and form better ones with low carb recipes.

 When we think of rewarding ourselves with sweet treats the brain releases dopamine a chemical neurotransmitter that makes us feel good in anticipation of that reward. Carbs are loaded with sugars and other goodies that make us feel REAL good. However, the rush won’t last.  As the blood sugar level drops there will be a crash later on which will leave you fatigued or moody.

Then the craving for sugar and carbs will return.

Do you really want to go on that emotional roller coaster ride over and over again?  A tasty low carb recipe can boost your emotions and prevent the sugar crashes that eventually follow after eating a carb-loaded treat. Let’s make those “emotional meals” a little healthier and curtail the those nasty sugar crashes.

We eat things that are “bad” for us because they make us feel good. You may reach for you Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream or your favorite junk food because you are bored, dissatisfied or having a long day at work. These stressful situations can trigger a strong urge to make a bad feeling go away.