What Are Dirty Lazy Dirty Keto Diets?

I love dirty Keto diets

How are they different from Regular Keto?

Dirty Lazy Keto diet allows the follower to eat as many calories as they want as long they keep the carb intake to 20 grams per day. Cheeseburgers, fast food, and processed meats are ok to eat without the bun and bread.


Dirty lazy Keto dieters still have to be careful of hidden carbs in some of these food items. Tomato sauce, ketchup and barbecue sauce have a lot of carbs in them from the sugar content.

Here are 10 keto-friendly salad dressings, with 4 grams of carbs per serving or less.

  • Homestyle ranch. …
  • Keto Italian vinaigrette. …
  • Creamy jalapeño-cilantro dressing. …
  • Keto honey-mustard dressing. …
  • Keto Thousand Island dressing. …
  • Five-minute keto Caesar dressing. …
  • Creamy keto blue cheese dressing with chives.

Condiments to avoid while on Keto 

The carb content is based on 2 tablespoons of the condiment.

Ketchup:  6 grams of carbs

BBQ sauce: Anywhere from 4 grams to 18 grams of carbs depending on the brand

Mayonnaise: 6 grams of carbs

Simply removing the bun will not eliminate the carbs if ketchup or BBQ sauce was used during cooking or baking.  Be sure to request that the meal be made without any sauces or condiments.


I don’t know about Dirty Keto but I’ll keep looking

Why do people follow a Lazy Dirty keto diet?

The reason is convenience. The dirty lazy keto diet allows you to binge on the calories as long as you watch the carb intake.  The dirty part of the diet comes from the fact you are not exactly eating wholesome food prepared at home.

Don’t worry,  that doesn’t mean the food is not good for you it just means you have to be careful with the calories. Some popular chain restaurants and fast food places are becoming more aware of the health benefits of keto diets and have keto-friendly meals on the menu.

For example, Jimmy Johns and Jersey Mikes have breadless sandwich options and some restaurants/delis have sandwiches made in giant pickles and other vegetables. As long as you don’t use the condiments you should be able to keep the carb intake below 20 grams.

Dirty Lazy Keto Diets Will Travel

Hey, are there any keto-friendly restaurants nearby?

Cruises and European vacations have lots of high carb foods and drinks on those trips. Without your eating habits in check, you can build up quite the appetite and cravings when touring a country known for its culinary prowess.  You’ll have to a little creative in avoiding these high carb foods and look for the low carb options before booking your trip. Do internet research and find restaurants that have low carb options.

Schedule your meals throughout the day.  Most travel companies such as Backroads and Cruise companies will adjust the recipes to suit your dietary restrictions.  The restaurants in these regions will try to accommodate you as well.

Use Discretion When Doing Dirty Lazy Keto

Make sure that you eat a well-balanced meal


Fast food and processed meats contain a lot of sodium and a bunch of other preservatives that may not be too healthy to consume in large portions. These “unhealthy foods” can lead to bloating, irritation and more cravings.

People that are new to keto will find the 20 gram/day requirement a challenge to maintain in today’s high carb food culture. Those people may not benefit from a Dirty Lazy keto diet, but it might help them to achieve ketosis which will eventually train the body to consume fat.



Bottom LIne: With a Dirty Lazy Keto Diet, you can have whatever you want as long as you are consuming 20 grams of carbs per day. Some sources say under 50 grams a day. (Which is a bit more forgiving.) People who are trying to lose weight may not benefit from a Dirty Lazy keto especially if they don’t watch their caloric intake. The Dirty Lazy Keto Diet might help them achieve ketosis in a more palliative way. Once ketosis is reached the body will start to burn fat and weight loss will soon follow.